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The Nanticoke Environmental Committee is a unique government / industry environmental co-operative. Members are US Steel-Lake Erie Works, Imperial Oil, Ontario Power Generation, Ministry of the Environment and Environment Canada. NEC is committed to monitor the environment of the surrounding community, measure the effects of the Nanticoke industries and contribute to improving environmental performance.


The Nanticoke Environmental Management Program (NEMP) was formed in 1978 to jointly study the impact of new industry on air quality. In 1985 this group became the Nanticoke Environmental Committee. Since 1978 an extensive monitoring network has been used to measure and verify that high standards of air quality are being maintained in Nanticoke and the surrounding community.

Why Monitor Air Quality ?

Air quality standards are set by the government to protect public health and well being, property and the natural environment. The purpose of the monitoring program is to ensure that these standards are met and measure the environmental impact of industrial development.



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