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  • Rotek Environmental Inc. is a full service environmental air quality monitoring company providing a wide range of technical services to both government and private sector clients for over 15 years. As air quality monitoring specialists, we have proven experience in meeting and / or exceeding client needs for today's state of the art environmental monitoring requirements.

  • Rotek specializes in the management and operation of air monitoring networks for individual clients, industrial associations and environmental partnerships. We provide expertise in all aspects of air pollution monitoring from initial project planning to full network delivery and management. Areas of expertise include air quality monitoring protocols, network management, service and repair of continuous analyzers, real time telemetry and data acquisition systems, compliance reporting requirements, QA/QC procedures and custom manufacturing.

  • Rotek staff can assist with employee training or provide all the required services for the collection, validation and reporting of environmental data.

  • Rotek services and repairs all makes and models of continuous gas analyzers and particulate monitoring equipment. We also custom manufacture Lo Volume and VOC samplers. We continue to expand product and service lines in response to customer requirements and technological advances. Our products and services meet and / or exceed industry standards.

  • Rotek also maintains a line of rental equipment, including continuous gas analyzers, mobile air monitoring stations, meteorological systems, data loggers and particulate samplers.

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to recognize our clients requirements, safely and professionally deliver the most economical suitable solution...we aspire to exceed client expectations to achieve and satisfy our customers needs.

  • Partner with industry and government to jointly address environmental issues and fulfill regulatory requirements.



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Rotek Environmental

Acquires  new  web enabled ‘DrDas’ Air Quality Data Acquisition and Reporting System in support of the industrial Source Emissions Monitoring (SEM) sector, as well, enhanced City and Municipal Air Quality Assessment and Reporting initiatives.



The NEC is an environmental cooperative between government and industry which monitors Air Quality in the Nanticoke area to ensure a high standard of environmental performance and protect public health, property and the natural environment.

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